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The end of the Art Contest I launched about Anuriel is near, so now I will start to choose the order for the ranks and say the winners name, but I wanted to have your help by make you vote for the one you think is the best, or you prefer.

Here are the actual contest entry finished and posted (other one is on process):

1   Contest Entry Anuriel By Daigokun by sakura-tk-arts

2   Contest entry_Anuriel by SweetSugar18

3   Anuriel-Contest by Arai-X

4   Star-Rain-final by Raccoon-Art

5   Anuriel by ViiPerArt

6   [Anuriel] by Nilapix

7   Anuriel by ILLABT

8    Contest entry: Anuriel by Serafin505

9   [Contest Entry] Anuriel by dirtykuro

10    Anuriel lingerie pin up by Nano-Baz

11    Anuriel vs Friday: Facesitting by xZeroMan

The numbers aren't the final oder of ranks, I just put number to make the vote easier, like this you just have to comment the number of the picture you think must be win.

If you want you can let a special message to compliment the artists skills for their excellents job here and I will tell them, or go check directly the pages of the artists.

Have a nice day and thx for your participation in advance

Capture daposcran 160809 015 by sakura-tk-arts don' be shy ^^
I'm starting to collect any idea of a scene on videos or movies bondage/tickling/DiD (no death) you loved and you maybe wanted to see one of my Oc on this situation too.

Just send me a note to link me or write me the title of the video/movie and choose one of my OC (Anuriel or Dazina) and I will starred the suggestion to keep it in memory and like this (when i would finish my current commissions) I will be able to do somes of the suggest scene time to time and credit peoples for the suggestion (except if you want to stay anonymous of course) 

Have a nice day and thx on advance for your suggestions ^^
I don't know how I get 3 new month of core membership, i didn't took another extend and ther eis no notification to say me than someone give me a coremember ship ?! thx to the personn who gave me this i guess ^^
Contest Entry Anuriel By Daigokun

The artist asked me to post it on my page because due to his personnal reasons he don't or he can't post it on his own page so I helped him to post it indirectly to DA and to the contest.

OC Anuriel by sakura-tk-arts
Drawing by Daigokun

All credits to Daigokun for this amazing drawing of my OC and go visit his page, he deserve it, it's a real great artist that need your support and he isn't feeling good for the moment

Go enjoy his arts ;) 
Somes great artist choose to participate to a contest I create and there are the pictures here:
Contest Entry Anuriel By Daigokun by sakura-tk-arts by Daigokun

Contest entry_Anuriel by SweetSugar18 by SweetSugar18

Anuriel by ViiPerArt by ViiPerArt

Star-Rain-final by Raccoon-Art by Raccoon-Art

Anuriel-Contest by Arai-X by Arai-X

[Anuriel] by Nilapix by Nilapix

Anuriel by ILLABT by ILLABT

Contest entry: Anuriel by Serafin505 by Serafin505

[Contest Entry] Anuriel by dirtykuro by dirtykuro

Anuriel lingerie pin up by Nano-Baz by Nano-Baz

Anuriel vs Friday: Facesitting by xZeroMan by xZeroMan

(the order have no links with the place of pictures on the rank because the contest isn't finished yet)

Go check artist pages they deserve it ^^
If you enjoy really good somes of my stuff and want to support me, don't hesitate to share on groups you know ^^

Have a nice day 
Who want anuriel start to making cosplay on DiD Situation ? (If you want something particular leave a comment or send me a note)
32 deviants said Me
8 deviants said Not me
Let's play a little game.
"Tell a story about" game; I write a little scenario and you write a little sequel sotry on comment or eventually on notes for the most shy; I read them and I pick up a winner and get a little reward ^^

so let's start:

You are invited by somes of your friends to come to an old factory to keep a " special package" (you already know the reputation of the gang that invite you for this job, they already give you somes job like this for somes moneys and to keep mysterious and maybe illegal things); but this time the job is more paid than usual, and you get this story about "special package; you are a little intrigued but not really for a long time.

You enter to the basement and start listen the instruction of the job of this night:

- the gang have something to do for 4h and you will be alone to keep a door with the package behind it.
- the will be no peoples at all during thoses 4 hours except you

The guys finish to explain you the job and go out from the basement; you start to keep the door, a few minutes pass and you start to listen somes stranges noises; you are curious and you go check behind the door what happen; and you see a pink hair girl all naked and tied up, blindfold and mouthgagged on a spread eagle position laying down.
Anuriel On The Bondage Factory Project Story Game  by sakura-tk-arts

(first time all naked uncensored for this version position)

You start to be fear and attract at the same time; you want to look her near, you approach step by step; when ... finally, you are to her side...

So the game start here, what do you will do with anuriel, all tied up without any way to escape and defenseless.
let's express what her body, face or hair ...etc make you want to do... you are alone with her for 4 hours and it's not often that you meet a girl with a body like this ^^

The story's winner will have a picture to represent a moment of the sequel scene ^^

Good luck and have fun.
I'm finally feel better now and I start to make commissions again, I finished the Anuriel Vs Dazina Tickle Challenge commission so Now there are the next commissions in order:

cap1483 - Finish
FAP77 On Processing
- Anonymous

Sorry for the late and thx for ones who understand my situation ^^"

have a nice day
Capture daposcran 160625 027 by sakura-tk-arts

Who want anuriel start to making cosplay on DiD Situation ? (If you want something particular leave a comment or send me a note) 

32 deviants said Me
8 deviants said Not me

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sakura-tk-arts has started a donation pool!
100 / 1,000
Several peoples start to watch me and like my creations so pleas help me to survive on DA and be able to do more stuffs or ask stuffs from others peoples to permit me to perform my own creations ^^

Not necessary to give me points but it will be a good help for me to do it ;)

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hi you RP?
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Who want anuriel start to making cosplay on DiD Situation ? (If you want something particular leave a comment or send me a note) 

32 deviants said Me
8 deviants said Not me


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